Date:February 16, 2013

Cookbook Tee Shirt

The Cookbook tee shirt

In 1992, during the lean years of BMX, Go Magazine went out of business and there were no BMX magazines left. I attempted to fill that void by publishing the Cookbook. Somewhere between a zine and a a magazine,  I printed 10,000 copies and mailed one for free to every person on the Trend Mailorder mailing list. I attempted to collect some funds for it after the fact but never managed to get enough dough to print a second. Thankfully another magazine startup came around later that same year called Ride BMX. We printed this promotional tee and it featured a photo of Rob Nolli doing an X-up. The text on the shirt is an actual letter received from an angry mom after receiving the cookbook and reads as follows:

Your publication is RUDE!
Your sexual innuendo & obvious support of homosexuality is disgusting. You have a young impressionable market – why drag them down in conjunction with their hobby of BMX. Your content is poor and your layouts are shoddy. You & your staff should close up shop now. Do NOT send any further literature. Take my name off your mailing list. – TJW, Yakima, WA

Ha! If you lived in Yakima Washington and this was your mom, let me know!

-Hal B

This was the logo on the back of the cookbook tee