Date:February 16, 2013

PLAY/Kink Contest Tee Shirt – Honky’s Revenge

A promotional tee for the PLAY contest in Montreal 1997

Leigh and I liked to give a free tee shirt to every one who participated in the PLAY contest series. In 1997 we made a series of shirts featuring our pets; Scamper (my cat) and Honky (Leigh’s white rat). They showed a series of cartoon interactions between the two and this particular one showed Honky biting Scamper on the head. The title Honky’s Revenge is hidden in the artwork because we were afraid it might get misinterpreted as a racist statement.  It was given to riders in the May 31 PLAY contest in Montreal. Artwork by Leigh Ramsdell and Hal Brindley.

Back logo on PLAY contest series shirts from 1997